SE-001: The Forbidden Dimension’s “Every Twisted Tree Watches As You Pass”

It was three months ago today that Sounds Escaping went from being just a Facebook page/whole lot of chatter, to being an actual record label. It was the release date for our very first collection of songs: The Forbidden Dimension’s Every Twisted Tree Watches As You Pass.

The Forbidden Dimension first popped onto my radar back in 1999 when I picked up a copy of the Au-Go-Go Records compilation, On Guard For Thee. I bought it for the alternate mix/take of Huevos Rancheros’ “Get Outta Dodge”, but quickly discovered all of these other bands that were just killing me as soon as their song blew out my speakers. The Evaporators, Chixdiggit!, The Von Zippers, cub… and The Forbidden Dimension. “Hellfire Club”, in all of it’s fuzzwarp’d glory, was unlike anything else I’d heard at the time. It was a horror story and a detailed painting, shrieking and slashing its way on the the canvas that was my eardrum. I came for the Eggs, but got sucked into that Forbidden Dimension.

I’d been collecting what I could for several years, buying 7″s and LPs despite not having a turntable. I had all three of their albums on CD and a smattering of 45s with track titles that I could only imagine what they sounded like. Somehow this tenacious teenager got his hands on the email address of the man behind all of this artwork that permeated my growing music library. I knew him has Jackson Phibes from the liner notes, and as “Tomb” from all of those covers. My heart exploded when my inbox had a reply waiting for me.

Q&A with Jackson Phibes from the fanzine, Gorehound, c.2002/2003

I’d been bugging Tom for years (fourteen or fifteen) to collect these single sides onto a CD, and he’d always misdirect with self-deprecation and slither down another path of conversation. E-mails turned into a Facebook friendship turned into an interview for my radio show turned into me surprising the band at the airport when they played their first gig in Winnipeg in forever. He put a face to this crazy dude from the Prairies. If Tom had some artwork to sell, I’d be the first in line. So I brought it up again. And, this time, Tom said yes.

Everything after that was a whirlwind. I had to come up with a name for the label and, after weeks of brain-storming and second-guessing, fell in love with Sounds Escaping. And, hell, a new friend I met while at work e-mailed a few logo designs for the label and gave them to me for free (some of you might even own a t-shirt with that logo on it)! My friend Lee, who’s been running No List Records for the last two decades, introduced to a guy named Craig Boychuk, who himself runs CB Audio and has recorded, mixed, and mastered hundreds of releases (and maybe thousands by the time you read this!). Craig transferred, cleaned up, and remastered all of the material that’s been collected on these two discs. Tommy, bless him, did ALL of the layout and art direction for the project. He even penned an 18-page essay for the accompanying booklet, and even nicked my original title for this set (Forbidden History) for that. He suggested a line from “A Cold & Lonely Evil” instead, which sounds <em>way</em> cooler than what I wanted, and it suits this collection perfectly. I can’t help but get goosebumps whenever I hear him sing that line.

It’s been a trip. I’ve sold CDs to people all around the world. Since the release of Every Twisted Tree Watches As You Pass, The Forbidden Dimension has played heaps of shows, including some south of the [Canadian/American] border, and even pushed the release during a live session on CJSW! I’m going to be eternally grateful for this opportunity. It’s a hell of a release, and this is just the beginning for Sounds Escaping.

You really should buy a copy for your own library. All prices are in Canadian dollars here.