UPDATE: Stretch Marks and Personality Crisis CD Release News

Hello everybody! We have a bit of a bummer of an announcement to make:

The Stretch Marks and Personality Crisis releases have been pushed back into January.

We at Sounds Escaping wanted to have this pair out in time for Christmas, but it’s just not meant to be. There was just too much to do in a short amount of time. However, several great things have happened since:
– We’ve finalized the album covers! The Personality Crisis one looks a lot more refined, while we’ve overhauled the Stretch Marks cover completely. Don’t fret, we’re doing something cool with Dunits’ ‘croc’ poster!
– We have Stretch Marks-approved remasters! The band has heard and given a big, happy collection of thumbs up to Craig’s remastering job. The bonus track, “Not Your Decision”, has been freshly transfered from Bill’s master tape. It’s an old tape; Craig has done what he can with the song and it’s being included for posterity. It’s a wild find and we’re sure that it’ll surprise you.
– The liner note booklet for the Stretch Marks release is nearing completion. Our designer says that we’re definitely looking at over 24 pages of writing and many, many previously unseen photos. We’ve even managed to surprise the band with some of the stuff we unearthed. And that feels pretty great!
– While waiting for the final copy for the Personality Crisis liners, we received a very special package from PC guitarist Jimmy Green. He passed along some clippings and photos that are going to blow minds…

Sounds Escaping apologizes for the delay. Both sets will be submitted to the plant before Christmas in order to get them back in early January. The pre-order price will remain in effect until the CDs arrive at Sounds Escaping H.Q. and we’re re-posting the ordering instructions below. To make things better between us, reader, here’s a picture of Personality Crisis’ Mitch Funk leg-wrestling with Joey Ramone. Seriously. EDIT: This is Winnipeg Joey Ramone. Richard Duguay has notified us that there was a dude who rocked the look back in the day. He had us fooled!



Before you send money:
1. All prices are in Canadian dollars.
2. Prices quoted below have postage included based on your location.
3. If paying with Paypal, please send the money as if you’re sending to family or friends. It keeps us from getting dinged, which helps pay off all of the label-running costs faster.
4. Include your mailing address. Really.

If you are only wanting the Stretch Marks collection, Paypal/e-transfer the following amount to pmichalishyn (at) gmail (dot) com

U.S.A.: $21
Rest of the World: $24

If you are only wanting the Personality Crisis collection, Paypal/e-transfer the following amount to pmichalishyn (at) gmail (dot) com

U.S.A.: $27
Rest of the World: $30

However, if you are  wanting both the Stretch Marks & Personality Crisis collections, you are a hero AND you’ll save $4 (during this pre-order period only).
Paypal/e-transfer the following amount to pmichalishyn (at) gmail (dot) com

U.S.A.: $39
Rest of the World: $41

If you are in Winnipeg and don’t want to pay shipping, you can still pre-order the either CD for the amounts listed above (next to the descriptions), or both for a flat $30. We’ll get the CDs to you in person.