The Stretch Marks and Personality Crisis CDs Are Off To Press!!

Hi everyone! I’m glad you stuck around!

Who & What -The Complete Studio Recordings by Stretch Marks and Personality Crisis by Personality Crisis are both at the plant being pressed, printed, and put together. The weight that’s been on our shoulders here at Sounds Escaping has been lifted; the discs look sharp, the booklets are fat, and that sound… Craig Boychuk of CB Audio has done a stunning job remastering these two albums for us (if you picked out our first release, Every Twisted Tree Watches As You Pass by The Forbidden Dimension, then you know that Craig is a sonic sorcerer); so much so that people who’ve received their digital download have written back saying that they’re hearing notes that they’d never heard before! That the low end is now present! That they’d never thought this was possible! Kelly Stretch Mark said the remaster brought tears to his eyes, and Mitch Funk was grinning and air guitar/bass/drumming for the entire hour or so we listened to the PC set! Well, this makes us all pretty damn proud.

So what’s up with this pre-order that we started back in November? It’s still going, but only until Friday, February 3rd. The pre-order price for both sets is $30 Canadian, so all pre-orderers are saving $4 and getting that download. After February 3rd, the prices listed for each set apply, and you’ll have to use a streaming service while you wait for the postman. So get those pre-orders in before February 3rd!
All of the envelopes are addressed and stacked in a pile, waiting to be stuffed and stamped and sent off. Everybody who pre-orders also receives 320kbps mp3 downloads of both albums.

The physical/Bandcamp release date will be the first week of February (the day that we receive the discs at our offices), with iTunes/Spotify/GooglePlay/etc. release following a few weeks later.


Here are the pre-order instructions again. You won’t be disappointed.

Before you send money:
1. All prices are in Canadian dollars.
2. Prices quoted below have postage included based on your location.
3. If paying with Paypal, please send the money as if you’re sending to family or friends. It keeps us from getting dinged, which helps pay off all of the label-running costs faster.
4. Include your mailing address. Really.

If you are only wanting the Stretch Marks collection, Paypal/e-transfer the following amount to pmichalishyn (at) gmail (dot) com

U.S.A.: $21
Rest of the World: $24

If you are only wanting the Personality Crisis collection, Paypal/e-transfer the following amount to pmichalishyn (at) gmail (dot) com

U.S.A.: $27
Rest of the World: $30

However, if you are  wanting both the Stretch Marks & Personality Crisis collections, you are a hero AND you’ll save $4 (during this pre-order period only).
Paypal/e-transfer the following amount to pmichalishyn (at) gmail (dot) com

U.S.A.: $39
Rest of the World: $41

If you are in Winnipeg and don’t want to pay shipping, you can still pre-order the either CD for the amounts listed above (next to the descriptions), or both for a flat $30. We’ll get the CDs to you in person.