Stretch Marks and Personality Crisis Sets Are Out!!

The latest additions to the Sounds Escaping family are here! There they are above, Stretch Marks’ Who & What – The Complete Studio Recordings (SE-002) and Personality Crisis’ Personality Crisis (SE-003) . Wow.

We here at Sounds Escaping still feel like we’re dreaming. People around the world have been waiting for decades for both of these (if this sounds like hyperbole, you can check out our spreadsheets sometime), and the response has been overwhelming. When we received the many, many boxes of CDs and held the final product in our hands, we were shaking. We popped the discs into the office stereo, cranked the volume and took a seat on the couch to flip through the booklets. We’re positive that you’ll be floored by what we came out with here. You’ll shake too.

Sounds Escaping, the Stretch Marks, and Personality Crisis still go wide-eyed when we get messages and orders from places you wouldn’t think the What D’Ya See or Creatures For Awhile LPs would get to. It’s shocking. Stores and distros across the continent have been ordering all of our releases. Not only that: all three of our CD sets are making their way to Record Shop Answer in Nagoya, Japan!!

The best part is that both Stretch Marks and Personality Crisis are happy with the final product. The sound, carefully and lovingly remastered from the original sources by Craig Boychuk, is rich and full. That low end that was missing is back!! The booklets, put together by Dan Shnier at Ironstone Technologies, are gorgeous; jam-packed with photos and surprises and heaps to read through. The feedback from everybody who’s gotten their copies is all positive.

We are extremely proud of these two releases. It feels like it was forever ago that we announced that we were going to release these sets, but the care and energy and extra time that went into each set reflects this. Now to pack up all of these envelopes…