Happy One-Month Lunarversary, SE-002 & SE-003!!

Today is March 15, 2017. That means that one month ago, Sounds Escaping released our second and third editions to the public! The response has been amazing so far; Craig‘s remastering job has garnered the most praise, quickly followed by Dan’s layout/design skills. The fact that both releases have finally come to be after decades of other people/labels talking is the biggest deal of all!

We at Sounds Escaping are elated that we’re the ones who could bring you the complete studio recordings from both Stretch Marks and Personality Crisis. Both bands are not only totally amazing, but they’re from our city of Winnipeg, a place we’re proud to make our headquarters. All three of us (Sounds Escaping, Stretch Marks, and Personality Crisis) still get whiplash when we hear about our records making it to strange and far-off places. Stores in Europe and the Pacific Rim bulk-ordering our stock to sell domestically. It makes us feel like a significant speck. It’s humbling.

While the orders continue to pour in from around the world, a wonderful review just appeared in this Thursday’s Uptown Magazine (dropped off a few hours before midnight the day before at the local Liquor Mart!) that really shined a flattering light on our recent pairing. The issue will be on stands around the city (and delivered to the doors of Winnipeg Free Press subscribers tomorrow) for a week, so we implore you to pick up a copy. Then order the pair from us at Sounds Escaping. If you’re in Winnipeg, arrange a time for an in-person purchase.

Cheers, and thanks for all of your support!!