The O Voids’ “Data” Pre-order & Pre-order bundle deals

It’s finally happening.

Sounds Escaping is proud to present Data by The O Voids. They trio existed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (the St. Henri district, if you really wanna narrow it down) from 2006-2012. They released three 7″ singles and an LP in small numbers, and contributed to several compilations, to minor acclaim. They gigged relentlessly. They honed their brash, nervous, Big Brother-is-listening sound. They broke up.

This month, Sounds Escaping releases Data, collecting everything The O Voids had committed to tape. As usual, our audio wizard Craig Boychuk has taken the master tapes and actually mastered every recording for the first time! The O Voids have never sounded this wonderful. Twenty five songs in fifty-nine minutes, The O Voids sound might prod bits of your brain into thinking about the mecha-pop of Devo’s first two albums, or the post-punkiness of The Fall with the experimentation of the Swell Maps. Maybe the melodic crunch of Touch & Go-era Man Or Astro-man? might snag you, or the arty-explosions à la country-mates UJ3RK5. Or perhaps it’s the cold, paranoiac feeling that bands like The Government or Factums send up your spine…

But if any of that intrigues you…


The pre-order price for The O Voids’ Data is $11 Canadian + p&p:
Total inc. shipping in Canada: $16CDN
Total inc. shipping to the USA: $19CDN
Total inc. shipping R.O.W.: $22CDN


During this pre-order period, you can order any (or all) of Sounds Escaping’s releases at wholesale when pre-ordering The O Voids’ Data.
That’s The Forbidden Dimension’s Every Twisted Tree Watches As You Pass, Stretch Marks’ Who & What – The Complete Studio Recordings, and Personality Crisis’ Personality Crisis at a discount!!
The prices super-imposed over the album artwork are the prices per release during the pre-order period only.

So, pick what you want, do the math, and add the following shipping:
Within Canada:
2CDs : $6 // 3CDs : $11 // 4CDs : $12
To the USA:
2CDs : $9 // 3CDs : $11 // 4CDs : $13
2CD : $12 // 3CDs : $14 // 4CDs : $16


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