Sounds Escaping is a record label based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Sounds Escaping is stubbornly independent. We're proudly D.I.Y(WG).

Sounds Escaping sells direct to you. We're not really fans of the"middle-man". All of our prices are in Canadian dollars.


Our website was built by the wonderful and amazing Carolyn Sabourin. She's available for hire for all things web and graphic design. Her website is here.

Sounds Escaping releases 1-4 were lovingly remastered and given the ol' thrice over by audio wizard Craig Boychuk.
Have you heard our releases?! People 'round the world have been floored! 
Craig is also available for recording, mixing, and mastering. Get in touch with him here.

We keep it local and press our CDs through Ironstone Technologies.
Dan Shnier has been our liaison since the beginning, and our main art/packaging guy for Sounds Escaping releases 2-4, plus the Personality Crisis 'tour' shirts and posters.
He takes our ramblings and translates them into something that's nice to look at. Use Dan and use Ironstone. They're a one-stop shop!