The Forbidden Dimension “Every Twisted Tree Watches As You Pass”

The Forbidden Dimension

Every Twisted Tree Watches As You Pass

CD / digital

Release Date: July 15, 2016


  • Forty songs exhumed, gussied up, and smeared across two CDs
  • Twenty-seven songs appearing on CD for the first time, including seven that have never before seen the light of day Every 7” single (from “Into The…” to “I Kiss Your Shadow”, plus the aborted “Gloria Was Evil” 7”) and compilation appearance is included, as well as two complete recording sessions
  • A deluxe, 24-page booklet with previously unseen photos and artwork, plus an essay by Jackson Phibes chronicling 25 years of The Forbidden Dimension
  • A tribute to excess: a custom-designed OBI strip by artist Tom Bagley!
Disc One
1. Graveyard Line
2. Little Red Schoolhouse
3. 13 Bloody Graves
4. Crawling Eye
5. Meteor Girl
6. Tonight I Paint In Flesh Colour
7. The Web
8. The Lucifer Brain
9. Creepsville
10. Dial 'M' For Monster
11. Hand Of Glory
12. Big Black Hearse
13. Shivs & Shrouds
14. Stairway To The Stars
15. Bad Girls Go To Hell
16. Meat Is Meat
17. All Black & Hairy
18. Martian Death Saucer
19. Hellfire Club
20. Little Red Schoolhouse
21. Martian Graverobber
Disc Two
1. The Shadow Knows
2. A Cold & Lonely Evil
3. Hallowe'en Everywhere
4. The Marrow Eaters
5. Operacíon 69
6. Pickled Punks
7. Vanilla Cobwebs
8. Don't Talk To Me
9. Gloria Was Evil
10. A Coffinful Of Crows
11. Vampire's Dream
12. Body Of A Boy, Mind Of A Monster
13. 7 Notes In Black
14. Blood Valley Days
15. Gag Odor
16. Cradlerobber
17. Vincentprice Eruptum
18. Wing Bat Wu
19. Calcinator Death Ray